The skin is a beautiful V-line and the body is a balanced S-line.

VS LINE Clinic

Wrinkle Botox

Forehead, between eyebrows, around eyes, under eyes, bridge of nose, walnut wrinkles

₩9,900 ~ ₩15,000

Custom Ulthera

1:1 Custom VS Line Custom Ulthera

₩350,000 ₩525,000

Tune Face

Increase collagen stimulation with high frequency!

₩400,000 ~ ₩600,000


Fat reduction/increased elasticity/tightening effect

₩69,000 ~ ₩103,500

Rejuran Healer/Eye Rejuran

Healthy skin from within with skin regeneration ingredients (PN)

₩180,000 ~ ₩330,000

Full Face Volume Filler

Natural volume in the desired facial area~ Creating a three-dimensional face line

₩200,000 ~ ₩300,000

Thread Lifting

Instant lifting & wrinkle improvement Custom face remodeling

₩220,000 ~ ₩330,000

Female laser hair removal

Clarity 2/Apoge Plus Hair Removal

₩18,000 ~ ₩27,000

Juvelook under the eyes

Under-eye bags/dark circles Volume UP / Autologous Collagen Injection

₩200,000 ~ ₩300,000

Beautiful line - let it lead to you

Everyone has a desire for beauty. What brings that desire to life? The journey of uncovering and embracing your own beauty demands unwavering sincerity and dedication. When you ultimately achieve the beauty you've longed for, our collective pursuit of sincerity and dedication will result in graceful transformations.

At VS Line Clinic Gangnam Branch

Turning your dreams into reality

Experience exceptional care from our team of experts at the VS Line Gangnam branch! VS Line Clinic is your gateway to a remarkable transformation, offering you the opportunity to achieve healthy and beautiful skin and body. Come and discover the premium service provided by the VS Line Gangnam branch, where your unique charm can truly shine brighter than ever before!

Thorough customer focus

Customized treatment

Equipment as good as your skills

Have the latest equipment

Honest treatment with sincerity

Quantitative Genuine Honesty

Long experience and latest knowledge

Providing the best medical care

Completion of V-line and S-line VS LINE

The VS line, crafted by industry professionals, is here for your desired beauty! Achieve the ideal body and skin with our all-in-one solution. Bid farewell to any concerns you may have and achieve the perfect V and S lines.

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VS Line treatment and procedures VS LINE

Achieve your dream body and skin with our exceptional treatments and procedures! Witness the incredible transformation and get actual results from the CEO's extensive experience and expertise to enjoy radiant skin and a stunning physique. Let us experts here at VS Line bring out your natural beauty and make you shine!