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Healthy skin from the inside out with skin regeneration ingredients (PN)!

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REJURAN Skin regeneration solution

The secret to amazing effects, polynucleotide growth factor complex, gives your skin a new life! This fascinating treatment goes beyond a simple moisturizing mask pack and fundamentally regenerates the epidermis and dermis layers of thin, sagging skin to give you healthy, resilient skin. Experience moist and elastic skin with Rejuran Healer right now!


REJURAN procedure process

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A magical space where your fantasy of beauty becomes reality based on various treatment cases!! We will build your confidence with personalized designs and detailed treatments!!

Why the VS line is special


Use Genuine

We only use genuine KFDA and FDA approved products with proven safety and effectiveness.


Honest treatment

VS Line does not recommend unnecessary procedures through honest treatment and procedures.


Hygiene safety

We minimize discomfort and side effects through thorough hygiene management and correct procedures.


Reasonable price

We provide more than satisfaction at reasonable prices through various events.


VS Line Clinic Rejuran Healer/Eye Rejuran

Genuine product and quantity are basic! We only use products approved by KFDA and FDA.
We increase satisfaction by performing treatments using a variety of domestic and foreign products proven to be safe and effective, and in the correct amount.

 Unnecessary procedures are not recommended.
Prior to the procedure, we accurately understand the patient's condition and aim to provide a beautiful treatment that perfectly matches the face, rather than an excessive or unnatural treatment.

 We value not only the results but also the process.
With many years of surgical know-how, customer satisfaction after the treatment is high, and we take care to ensure safety and discomfort through thorough disinfection and hygiene management.

 We provide high quality services at reasonable prices.
At VS Line, we strive to provide treatment at a more reasonable price.

Benefits of Rejuran

01   Increased density and thickness of the skin dermis

02   Regenerates the skin's protective layer and improves damaged skin

03   Effective in improving wrinkles and reducing pores

Information on Rejuran

recommended cycle

We recommend three or more treatments at 2-4 week intervals.

* The recommended frequency or interval may vary depending on individual skin condition.


Recommended target The recommended targets for this procedure are as follows.

01  Those who want overall skin anti-aging

02 Those who are concerned about skin damage due to chemical irritation such as makeup

03  Those who want to find health due to thin and weak skin

04  Those who want to improve pores, fine wrinkles, and redness

05  Those who are concerned about dry, flaky skin


Rejuran Q&A

We’ll tell you everything you’re curious about about Skincare!

Rejuran Healer restores normal skin by activating the skin's self-regenerative ability, so three or more treatments at 2-3 week intervals are recommended.
Although treatment can be effective with just one treatment, it is usually more effective when repeated treatments are administered three or more times. There may be individual differences for each customer, so please check through 1:1 consultation.




Rejuran price information

Basic product

Eye Rejuran 1cc


Rejuran Healer 2cc


Rejuran MAX 3cc


* VAT excluded *

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REJURAN Precautions after treatment

Post-procedure care is the key to success!
Please check and follow the precautions carefully!

After the procedure, it is recommended to avoid drinking too much, going to saunas/jamjilbangs, taking hot baths, and exercising vigorously.