Tune Face

Collagen promotion UP with high frequency!
TUNE UP with V-line!

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Collagen regeneration and tightening in the skin

Tune Face

This is a face lifting treatment using multi-high frequency waves from Israel's Alma, famous for legato. This is a procedure that helps rebuild damaged collagen tissue by stimulating the skin with ideal high-frequency energy of 40.68 MHz, which can regenerate collagen in the skin. You can expect the effect of revitalizing elastic skin and creating a smooth and slim face shape.


Tune Face procedure process

Learn more about the lifting process!


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We only use genuine KFDA and FDA approved products with proven safety and effectiveness.


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We minimize discomfort and side effects through thorough hygiene management and correct procedures.


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VS Line Clinic Tune Face

Genuine product and quantity are basic! We only use products approved by KFDA and FDA.
We increase satisfaction by performing treatments using a variety of domestic and foreign products proven to be safe and effective, and in the correct amount.

 Unnecessary procedures are not recommended.
Prior to the procedure, we accurately understand the patient's condition and aim to provide a beautiful treatment that perfectly matches the face, rather than an excessive or unnatural treatment.

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With many years of surgical know-how, customer satisfaction after the treatment is high, and we take care to ensure safety and discomfort through thorough disinfection and hygiene management.

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At VS Line, we strive to provide treatment at a more reasonable price.

Benefits of Tune Face Lifting

01   Quick procedure time

02   less pain

03   non-incision procedure

04   Quick return to daily life!

Information on Tune Face Lifting

recommended cycle
We recommend treatment at least 3 times at monthly intervals.

* There may be differences depending on skin condition, lifestyle habits, etc.


Recommended target The recommended targets for this procedure are as follows.

01  Those who are concerned about lack of facial elasticity

02  Those who want to receive a comfortable lifting procedure by reducing pain

03  Those who are concerned about fine wrinkles on their face

04   Those who want to improve sagging pores and skin texture

05  Those who want natural wrinkle improvement and lifting effect


Tune Face Lifting Q&A

We’ll tell you everything you’re curious about about Lifting!

Water, which accounts for more than 70% of our body, rotates water molecules using 40.68MHz high frequency. At this time, the rotating water molecules generate heat by rubbing the tissues within the skin, and the heat energy induces collagen regeneration and new collagen synthesis.



Tune Face Treatment area

Learn about the lifting treatment areas that create a V-line!

Above the eyebrows, around the eyes, side cheeks, front cheeks/Buccal fat, nasolabial folds, around the mouth, double chin/chin line, neck


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Forehead, between eyebrows, around eyes, under eyes, bridge of nose, walnut wrinkles


Precautions after treatment

Post-procedure care is the key to success!
Please check and follow the precautions carefully!

It is recommended that you wash your face with lukewarm water and use a hypoallergenic cleanser.