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The skin has a beautiful V-line, and the body has a balanced S-line.


The skin has a beautiful V-line, and the body has a balanced S-line.

VS Line Clinic Gangnam Branch Beautiful line - let it lead to you

Everyone has a dream of beauty
What makes that dream a reality?

The process of discovering and revealing your beauty
It requires endless sincerity and effort.

The moment you finally reach the beauty you wanted
Our journey is full of sincerity and effort.

It will lead to a beautiful line
At VS Line Clinic Gangnam Branch


Don't miss the overlooked line & Achieve the line you desire

When all these elements converge, your beauty is ultimately enhanced. If you haven't achieved your desired beauty yet, begin with the VS Line Clinic.

point 01

The medical professionals at VS Line Clinic pay attention to even the tiniest details.

point 02

Cutting-edge medical equipment for innovative solutions

point 03

The counselors at VS Line Clinic seek to uncover each individual's potential



On the other side of artificial beauty is the VS Line Clinic.

Rather than obsessing over the trends of the moment, VS Line Clinic seeks the customized solution that best suits you.

VS Line Clinic's unique philosophy provides you with the most natural beauty you desire.



Factory-type procedures and wrong practices are different from VS Line Clinic.

Rather than rushing to receive even just one more customer, we strive to make even just one more customer feel beautiful.

VS Line Clinic provides the best results with a customized design where all procedures are performed in a single room.



Beyond unreliable procedures, VS Line Clinic awaits.

From beautiful skin to body, VS Line Clinic deals with each person's life or dream.

VS Line Clinic carefully selects only skilled medical professionals with many years of experience and the latest/highest price medical equipment.